Gentle simmering and stewing produces the most delicious, heart-warming and comforting dishes! And we are happy to share that with you


Jacobs Kitchen chefs love old-fashioned stews. It is very satisfying to work with fresh produce. Slow cooking, braising and simmering releases flavors that take us back to our youth. The comforting scents of heart-warming dishes, prepared in-house by mother, father or grandmother. Nothing can beat that!

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All dishes and recipes are made by the chefs of Jacobs Kitchen. Jacobs Kitchen is located against Diemen Zuid station. There is a lovely terrace, spacious, cozy interior and a variety of craft beers, sodas and comfort food.


When our stews are gently simmering, we have some spare time and would love to help you!


Our team of food loving experts provides the catering for all your events! Our chefs work with the best ingredients.

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Fair produce, prepared with craftmanship and a love for good food and drinks. If we cook at your home, we take care of everything, from the furnishings and the table setting to the service. So that you can spend all the time you want with your guests!

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Doing overtime with your team? Make your life easy and order your meal at Stew Store!

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